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Natural appearing dentures must take into consideration not only the proper arrangement of the teeth, but also the contours of natural tissue. Natural Dentures are contoured in a manner which promotes self-cleansing and the appearance of natural tissue.

Natural Dentures incorporate individual characteristics of the patient. Simply provide the patient's age, desired shade and masculine or feminine features. We will then customize the arrangement of the denture teeth to achieve a functional and natural looking smile.

Alpha Omega's Premium Denture System
To provide your patients with natural looking dentures and individualized smiles, follow the Simply Natural Dentures checklist below.
Natural Dentures Bite Block And / Or Set-Up Try-In Checklist
1. State approximate age on Rx
2. Specify masculine/feminine on Rx
3. Specify shade on Rx
4. Mark Midline on bite Block
5. Mark high lip line on wax
6. Establish centric relation
7. Check / adjust for proper lip support
8. Return bite block or set-up to us
The proper occlusal plane is established in the laboratory and key teeth are identified in the maxillary arch to ensure function and accuracy with every case. To provide patients with beautiful, natural-looking prostheses.
"Exclusive from Alpha Omega Dental Labs"
All our Natural Dentures are processed with Lucitone 199 High Impact Acrylic at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
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