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The Alpha Omega Dental Laboratories is dedicated to quality and consistent service.

The Alpha Omega Difference!


Dear Doctor,
It may be that you have never heard of us, but the ALPHA OMEGA DENTAL LAB, has been servicing your community for the past 20 years.
Through constant consultation with our clients, we have created an ultra-modern facility in the heart of Toronto.
These facilities allow us to provide higher quality products and superior service features to meet all your restorative and patient's needs.
Most patients today have genuine concerns about biocompatibility and esthetics prior to proceeding with any form of cosmetic dentistry.
As technology is every advancing into new and exciting areas, we must be constantly searching for reliable and conservative types of restoration.
Alpha Omega Dental Laboratories provides the Best in Dental Restorations with the following minimum daily requirements in Dental Laboratory services.
1. Careful analysis of prescriptions; planning of cases to satisfy all specifications and requirements.
2. An open line of communication should any questions arise about a case.
3. A highly trained staff, each capable in his/her specialty.
4. Two Registered Dental Technologists , R.D.T.'s present to make sure that all your restorations meet quality standards.
5. The adaptability and willingness to test and, if requested, utilize new materials and techniques as they are developed.
6. Cases that have lifelike contours, embrasures, occlusion, with well-defined, precise margins.
7. Cases that fit and function properly, remain in stable position after insertion, and are comfortable for the patient to wear.
8. Cases fabricated of materials selected for strength and durability.
9. Esthetics cases with tooth shades that match natural dentition.
10. Cases with highly polished surfaces, and resistant to plaque formation.
11. Consideration of the value placed upon chair-time, so that adjustments are kept to a minimum, and schedules are adhered to.
12. You will find all of the above inherent in every case we deliver!
Dedicated to Quality and Consistent Service



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